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For Annual car storage contract in Menorca please visit www.parkandflymenorca.com
For Meet and Greet parking service in Menorca please visit www.meetandgreetmenorca.com

  • Meet and Greet Service

Meet and Greet Service

  1. You drive your car to the airport departures level. we will meet you there at the agreed time and collect your car from you.
  2. After we have taken your car, you catch your flight.
  3. We hand wash your car outside, and carry out any services that you may have requested.
  4. You tell us what date, flight and the time you are arriving, and we will deliver your car to you at the airport.
  5. When you arrive to the airport you collect your car from the departure level where we met to take your car from you.

Meet and Greet Service

  • This Price is for: Up to 7 Days parking, select longer duration to update price
  • 35.00€

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